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""Our aim is to provide you with a quality and modern way of health services, which is considered one of the most sacred duties in the contemporary world."


She was born in 1993 in Malatya. She completed her primary and secondary education in Adana. She graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2016. She completed her practical training at Antalya Akdeniz University Hospital and Antalya Medicalpark Hospital Complex during her education. Completed her thesis on Eating Disorders. She participated in scientific congresses on obesity, nutrition in diabetes, sports nutrition, eating disorder, cancer nutrition, nutrition in adults and children, and bariatric surgery.

2015 British University of Nicosia Metabolic-Bariatric Surgery
2015 IV. National Healthy Life Symposium - Obesity Eating Disorders from Anorexia-Acıbadem University / İstanbul
2015 IV. National Healthy Living Symposium - Eating Disorders Dietician Course-Acıbadem University / İstanbul
2016 V. National Healthy Life Symposium - Acıbadem University / İstanbul
2016 V. National Healthy Life Symposium-Bariatric Surgery Dietician Course-Acıbadem University / İstanbul
2016 V. National Healthy Life Symposium- Carbohydrate Counting Course -Acıbadem University / İstanbul

One of the biggest problems of today is healthy nutrition. We hear a lot of people around us saying ’’I can't diet’’. In fact, what they need to know is that we are not dieting people, we are just trying to teach healthy nutrition. First of all to approach healthy nutrition as if it was not a torture, but as a way of life and then decide what to do, for who, why. So our point is that if you start for someone else or for other situations (social media effect, look nice to other people ..), this will be a short term situation. Because when you leave healthy nutrition, you start to gain weight again. That is, healthy nutrition should make life standard.

Healthy nutrition is actually like a 4-leaf clover. In other words, meat and meat products, dairy products, fruit and vegetables and cereal groups are taken to the body sufficiently. When you take your body's needs from these 4 groups, you are doing part of a sufficient and balanced diet.

Remember that there is no forbidden on diet. There are only portion control and separation of healthy, unhealthy foods. We are engaged in this case.

The duty of dietitians to give you the most accurate information and guide you in this process. As mentioned above, healthy nutrition should not be a tool for you but a goal that you go to the target with the right steps. It will be the right way to get help from people who have been trained in this work rather than from the information you receive from your environment. When the dietician called, it is just a misconception that it is only a matter of losing weight and becoming more fit. The dietitian is your guide, which teaches you healthy nutrition and how to eat properly when you are faced with a variety of disease situations.

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