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""Our aim is to provide you with a quality and modern way of health services, which is considered one of the most sacred duties in the contemporary world."

The image quality of the latest technology product used in our clinic is significantly higher than the classical 2-D devices. The device also features color doppler. Therefore, it provides superiority not only in pregnancy follow-up, but also in every situation requiring ultrasound analysis. In the course of pregnancy follow-up, the doctor who conducts the examination gives more insight into the health of the baby, as well as providing the family with a 4-dimensional sense of emotional well-being.
It is possible to take color pictures of the unborn baby and to take CD recordings in the form of moving video.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Although it is more frequent, it can be treated successfully when diagnosed early. The most important factor in diagnosis is mammographic screening. In the breast, 300 billion cancer cells should be developed in order to create a 1 cm mass that the person or the physician may notice during manual examination. This also explains how the tumor can be detected by mammographic screening long before the mass is noticed by hand. Mammographic scans performed once a year in women aged 40 and over are recommended by physicians all around the world. The radiation dose used in mammography is quite low. The examination does not require any special preparation.
The mammography device used in our clinic is a very modern device where the women can be positioned in the most comfortable way and the breast tissue can be seen in the best way with its special design. The radiographs obtained are evaluated by our Radiologist.
Bone loss (osteoporosis) is a disease that decreases bone density and quality, and increases the risk of fracture especially in the spine, hip, and upper arm. In our country, osteoporotic bone fractures are seen more frequently in postmenopausal women than in breast cancer, heart attack and stroke. Osteoporosis is a silent disease and does not give any signs or symptoms until it progresses. Although osteoporosis can be seen in young women and men of all ages, the incidence of menopause increases significantly in women. When osteoporosis is noticed, it can be cured and its progression can be stopped. The Bone Mineral Densitometer (DEXA), which is suitable for the whole body scan used in our clinic, recognizes osteoporosis with a sensitivity of 99.5% by giving as little radiation as it can be considered insignificant. The examination period is short and does not cause any discomfort to the person. The result is evaluated by the Radiology Specialist and the treatment scheme is established by the Obstetricians and Gynecologists in our clinic.
In addition to the examinations related to pregnancy and women's health, the assays that are needed by all men and women can be done in our laboratory. Hematology (such as hemogram, hemoglobin electrophoresis ...) Biochemistry (blood glucose, liver, kidney function tests, etc.) Hormone and tumor markers Serological tests (such as HIV, toxoplasma, rubella ...) Microbiological tests (urine culture, vagina culture, such as ...) Spermiogram, sperm washing etc
While your baby is born he/she carries a huge/big medical treasure. The priceless treasure is special for only at the moment of birth. Whereas you can conserve it for years and keep it ready for use. Cordon is rope like structure in which blood vessle that connected fetus to placenta. Placenta transferes food and oxygen from mother to the futus. The placenta and the cordon blood are rich for stem cells. It is possible that take these stem cells from new born babies’ cordon blood and freeze in special condition to use in the future if your child, you or your relatives even if need to it. It is possible that is taken these stem cells from new born babies’ cordon blood and is freezed in special condition to use in the future if your child, you or your relatives, and any other people need to it. More
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